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Probiotics have been getting a lot of attention lately for the wonderful things they’re able to do for the gut. But how can you be sure that you’re choosing the right probiotic? Especially when there are so many on the market! It may feel overwhelming, so below are a few attributes to look out for when choosing the right probiotic.

What is a probiotic?

A probiotic is defined as a live microorganism that provides health benefits to the host (a person) when taken in the right amount. (1) Probiotics are “good” bacteria that are naturally found inside the gut, food, and supplements. They help protect the body against harmful bacteria and promote a healthy digestive system. When taken as supplements, probiotics typically come protected in a capsule where they will reach the gut microbiota.

Colony-Forming Units

A Colony-Forming Unit (CFUs) is simply the number of live microbes able to sustain life in the gut. (2) So, the higher number of CFUs per capsule, the more potent a probiotic is. It’s best to look for a higher number of CFUs per capsule to ensure that your gut is receiving an ample amount of “good” bacteria. On top of CFUs, try and look for a probiotic that has multiple strains of bacteria, like Kibow FloraTM. Each different strain of bacteria typically has unique wellness properties.

Acid-Resistant Capsules

Probiotics are meant to be delivered to the gut, where they are work. However, if a probiotic isn’t protected in an acid-resistant capsule, stomach acid will likely destroy them before they reach the gut. Acid-resistant capsules ensure that probiotics will reach the large intestine safely, surviving the stomach acid.



Many probiotic strains are sensitive to heat, moisture, light, and oxygen. These factors may cause the probiotics to break down or die inside of the capsule. (3) For this reason, it’s essential to store the probiotics in the refrigerator to ensure that the “good” bacteria stay active and alive.

Health Specific Benefits

There’s a probiotic for just about everything. From general health to wellness, weight management, and mood, different strains have different health properties. If you still aren’t sure, we recommend a general health probiotic, like Kibow FloraTM. Kibow FloraTM may help balance immunity while also assisting the gut and the microbiota flourish. 

Probiotics help you feel great from the inside out. Your gut will thank you for choosing a high-quality probiotic! 

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